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Soothe Baby Massage Balm is made with natural ingredients right here in New Zealand. It contains no parabens, artificial preservatives or chemicals.

It is a smooth, semi-solid balm which melts on contact with skin, perfect to use when massaging.

It has been formulated with baby in mind, with added Vitamin E and using only a minimal amount of Roman Chamomile oil.

To aid the massage, enclosed with the balm is an instruction sheet with simple baby massage techniques and illustrations.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage can relax your baby, with the release of tension and gives a feeling of security, promoting sleep.

Your baby may receive relief from colic, gas and constipation.

Through massage, there is interaction between parent and baby. This can create a deeper bond with your child, as your attention is solely on them, as well as eye to eye and skin to skin contact. Communication is enhanced as it helps you understand and respond to your baby's non-verbal language.

Studies show that baby massage promotes weight gain, stimulates growth and muscle tone, and develops better sleep patterns. Respiratory, digestive, immune and circulatory systems are also aided.

If you would like further information on baby and infant massage, please visit www.nz.iaim.net

Follow the preparation tips on the information sheet, and do not carry out any massage technique if you are unsure.


Before using Soothe Baby Massage Balm to massage your baby, test a small amount on your skin, and your baby's skin before you begin. Should there be any irritation, discontinue use. If it persists, see your doctor. Soothe Baby Massage Balm is for external use only. Avoid eyes, irritated skin, wounds and sensitive areas.

Soothe Baby Massage Balm should be stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight.

Soothe Baby Massage Balm Stockists

Health World: Westgate, Auckland

The Baby Factory: Albany, Botany Downs, Sylvia Park, Manukau

The Red Crayon: Waimauku Village
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